I offer individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. My fee is $130 per 50 min session. I do long-term work with clients, which requires a commitment of at least 1 session per week. Some people find multiple sessions a week to be very helpful, and I may recommend it depending on the nature of your problem or your own desire for more frequent contact. I bill Premera and First Choice. Otherwise, I will give you a bill you can submit with a claim for out-of-network coverage.

Frequent and consistent treatment produces faster and longer-lasting results. Having done years of my own work as a client, I understand the financial and personal commitment involved. I equally take my commitment to you very seriously.


I have been supervising and training new therapists since 2009. I find this work to be very rewarding. As a former teacher, I love to learn and to pass my learning down to others. Supervising therapists that are working toward licensure has been one avenue for me to be both teacher and student.

My approach is to help you step into the therapist that is uniquely you. I will help you think through the transferences and countertransferences in the room and how to use it for the benefit of you and your clients. You will grow your own therapeutic mind. I will help you address practical issues like creating and holding the frame. I believe good supervision should strengthen and refine your voice as a therapist, and ultimately, it should help you feel more confident in the chair. As I like to say, “If you work with me, you will become more comfortable with you, your strengths and your vulnerabilities!” I will work alongside you to make sure that happens. Also, I will share articles and material that I think is relevant to your work.

My fee is $130 for a 50 min session. I am available and responsive to your needs outside of our meeting times as well.